O'neill Valentine-O Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Valentine
Beanie Shockers SDO Grp (2) Male group
Troop 1931 LAOC Grp (3) Junior Male
No Directions Needed LAOC Grp (2) family group(adult & Jr)
Luis Acevedo LAOC Ind Junior Male
Alix Barron LAOC Ind Junior Female
Orlando Brizuela LAOC Ind Junior Male
Chris Cassone LAOC Ind Adult Male
Scott Coble LAOC Ind Adult Male
Wayne Cottrell LAOC Ind Adult Male
Sergio Delgado LAOC Ind Junior Male
Troop 691 None Grp (4) Male group
Isabella Dominguez LAOC Ind Junior Female
Patricia Eliason LAOC Ind Adult Female
Chris Ernst LAOC Ind Adult Male
Heather Hackstedde LAOC Ind Adult Female
Ian Harper LAOC Ind Adult Male
Jacob Hook LAOC Ind Junior Male
Todd Hook LAOC Ind Adult Male
Yuliza Infante LAOC Ind Junior Female
Alexander Kiperman LAOC Ind Adult Male
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Adult Male
Andy Pearson LAOC Ind Adult Male
Geraldo Ramirez LAOC Ind Junior Male
Gabriel Rojas LAOC Ind Junior Male
Joseph Saucedo LAOC Ind Junior Male
Casandra Zamudio LAOC Ind Junior Male
Alain Zelim-Vega LAOC Ind Junior Male

Total Entered: 34
Total Registrations: 27