Irvine Regional Park Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Irvine
T99 Liam None Grp (2) White
THY None Grp (2) Yellow
Sofia and Mom LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Alex Bowman LAOC Ind Long Orange
Nina Bowman LAOC Ind Orange
Priscilla Casas LAOC Ind Yellow
Jeffrey Chan LAOC Ind Long Orange
Cecila Do LAOC Ind Yellow
Alex He LAOC Ind Orange
Joseph He LAOC Ind Yellow
Nick He LAOC Ind Long Orange
Kaitlyn Jang LAOC Ind Yellow
Kyle Jiang LAOC Ind Yellow
Alexander Kiperman LAOC Ind Long Orange
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Long Orange
Dimitri Kouloumbis LAOC Ind Yellow
Damon Lee LAOC Ind Long Orange
Ryan Lee-Nguyen LAOC Ind Orange
David Lopez None Ind White
Wesley Low LAOC Ind Yellow
Fernando Martinez LAOC Ind Orange
Jaimie Ng LAOC Ind Long Orange
Nam Nguyen LAOC Ind Orange
Ryan Nguyen LAOC Ind Orange
Koosha Paridehpour None Ind Yellow
Nathan Park LAOC Ind Yellow
Brian Phan LAOC Ind Yellow
John Phillips LAOC Ind Long Orange
Nikita Phillips LAOC Ind Yellow
John Phillips IV LAOC Ind Long Orange
Ronny Sandvick SDO Ind Long Orange
Scott Schmitz LAOC Ind Long Orange
Evan Tan LAOC Ind Orange
Mabel Tu LAOC Ind Yellow
Adrianne Wang LAOC Ind Yellow
Benjamin Wang LAOC Ind Yellow
Honglin Wang LAOC Ind Orange
James Wofford LAOC Ind Orange
Gary Wong LAOC Ind Yellow
Jonah Yi LAOC Ind Long Orange

Total Entered: 43
Total Registrations: 40