Barton Flats Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Barton
Papakita LAOC Grp (2) Brown
New Kids on the Block None Grp (2) Yellow
Troop 301 Youth 1 None Grp (2) White
Troop 301 Youth 2 None Grp (2) White
Troop 301 Dave/Logan None Grp (2) White
Troop 301 Joe/Amanda LAOC Grp (2) Brown
Rachael Andrews LAOC Ind Red
Alexandria Avalos None Ind Yellow
John Bohan SDO Ind White
Angel Card None Ind Brown
Mary Corrough LAOC Ind Yellow
Wayne Cottrell LAOC Ind Yellow
Cygnus Dekany LAOC Ind Yellow
Richard Dekany LAOC Ind Green
Ryan Dekany LAOC Ind Yellow
Sue Dekany LAOC Ind Brown
jossalyn emslie LAOC Ind Orange
Bruce Garbaccio LAOC Ind Green
Regan Hand None Ind Orange
Lorenzo Hayes None Ind Yellow
Chloe Jankowski None Ind Brown
Jacob Jankowski None Ind Green
Ragan Jones None Ind Yellow
Jessica None Grp (2) Brown
Alexander Kiperman LAOC Ind Red
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Green
Two Blondes on a Trail None Grp (2) Yellow
James Lyle None Ind Orange
Suzanne Lyle None Ind Yellow
David Mirman LAOC Ind Orange
Christopher Mohr None Ind Orange
John Phillips V LAOC Ind Green
Allan Pincus LAOC Ind Green
Kimberly Pincus LAOC Ind Green
Anders Plymoth SDO Ind Red
Darren Robinson LAOC Ind Green
Dean Sayre None Ind Yellow
Scott Schmitz LAOC Ind Brown
Karen Simon LAOC Ind Orange
Alfred Soliman None Ind Green
Joelyn Weathers None Ind Orange
Brad Weyers LAOC Ind Red

Total Entered: 50
Total Registrations: 42