Name Conf? Club Team 12-Hour Class 6-Hour Class 12-Hour Class Rogaine Class 2-Hour Class
Badgett, Bob GPHXO Boat Anchor Y
Beard, John GPHXO Vignette-J Y
Beard, Marcy GPHXO Vignette-M Y
Boughner, Gavin TSN The Twinkie Test Y
Brunner, Michael GPHXO NonZero Racing Y
Durrell, Brian ARCTIC Nutt n' Much Y
Finlay, Robert None Kayak Lake Mediocre Y
Hidler, Cody None No Ragrets Y
Kuestner, Sue COC HalFastAsleep Y
Luis, Cristina TSN The Twinkie Test Y
Poe, Brad TSN Team Tubac Y
Poole, Jason RMOC Poole Y
Savine, Alexandre TSN Keep Going Y
Stefek, Tim GPHXO Boat Anchor Y
Thelen, Bryan None Invictus Y
Toledo, Cody None Invictus Y
Van Assendelft, Catrien None CEE Migo Y
Wentzel, Andy GPHXO Tower Racing Y
Winder, Jonathan GPHXO Kayak Lake Mediocre Y
Wyatt-Mair, Gavin BAOC HalFastAsleep Y
Young, Ashley SDO Lazer Cats Y
Men 16
Women 5
Adults 21
Juniors 0
Total 21
* Confirmed? indicates a confirmed entry. indicates no waiver. indicates an outstanding balance. indicates an unknown status.

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