Name Conf? Club TurkeyRun Class Start
Baker, Brian OLOU Red 10:40
Barnett, Aden OLOU Orange 11:01
Branham, Brad None Yellow 10:00
Carr, Anne-Sophie and Mac OLOU Brown 11:09
Carr, Ian OLOU Orange 11:25
Carter, Jim OLOU Brown 10:18
Christy, Carl OLOU Brown 10:35
Crenshaw, Chris None Green 10:27
Crenshaw, Hallie None Green 10:27
Crenshaw, Leighana None Green 10:27
Curley, Dan OLOU Yellow 10:25
Deacon, Cameron None Orange 10:10
Dunlap, Ian OLOU Orange 11:37
Dunlap, Nate OLOU Yellow 11:33
Dunlap, Ryan OLOU Red 11:41
Estenfelder, Brandon Other Yellow 10:12
Ewart, Alison OLOU Yellow 11:17
Faller, David OLOU Green 10:17
Feaster, Justin OLOU Red 10:24
Fossaluzza, Anthony OLOU Red 10:14
Gerstle, Chris OLOU Green 10:01
Gravatte, Steven OLOU Red 10:02
Haara, Bennett None Green 10:22
Haara, Brian None Green 10:22
Hart, Benjamin OCIN Red 10:48
Hayes, Molly None Green 10:27
Huddleston, Scott None Red 11:23
Hudson, Draven OLOU Yellow 11:03
Kling, Kenneth OLOU Brown 11:39
Logan, Nancy OLOU Yellow 11:17
Ludwig, Shannon OLOU Green 10:37
McCarty, Jakob OLOU Orange 11:10
McComas, D.J. None Yellow 10:07
McKim, Diane OLOU Green 11:07
Miller, Jessica None Yellow 10:20
Moore, Bruce OLOU Red 11:35
Morgan, Jennifer None Yellow 10:04
Paul, Edgar OLOU Yellow 11:20
Reese, Drew None Yellow 10:09
Richwalsky, Jessica None Yellow 11:27
Robinson, David OCIN Green 10:08
Ross, Stephanie OCIN Green 10:44
Sargent, Mathew OLOU Orange 11:05
Shanton, John None Orange 10:33
Sherrick, Jonathan OLOU Orange 11:15
Sims, Katherine OLOU Yellow 11:12
Smith, Linda OLOU Brown 11:31
Smith, Louis OLOU Brown 11:44
Tharp, Nolan None Yellow 10:16
Thompson , Ryan None Red 10:31
Tucker, Justin None Yellow 10:12
Vincent, Marjorie Robin None Orange 10:42
Watson, Joseph None Orange 10:05
Men 37
Women 16
Adults 42
Juniors 11
Total 53
* Confirmed? indicates a confirmed entry. indicates no waiver. indicates an outstanding balance. indicates an unknown status.

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