OLOU 2024 Summer Sprint Portland Wharf Park
The check in area for Portland Wharf Park is on top of the Floodwall directly under I64. This is just at the end of N. 33rd St. This is a residential street with very few cars and a wide street. There should be enough room for about 15 cars so if there is no room, you can head park just about anywhere else nearby (Rudd Ave or N. 34th) The walk is a bit steep on concrete, you should be able to see the Flag from 33rd or Rudd.
Here is the Google Maps Link

This meet is part of our Summer Get Out and Go Orienteering (GOGO) series.

We will be offering 2 courses, a shorter beginner friendly course and a slightly longer more technical course.

Tickets for this event are $7. Register early to secure a spot. Optionally you can purchase a Season Pass for $50 which covers entry to all of our Summer series events except the chase finale (no need to register for individual events if you have a season pass.

Courses open at 6PM, Last opportunity to start a course is at 7:15PM, and we start tearing the courses down at 7:30PM.

Registration closes at midnight the night before.

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