UPDATE: Please register online before Friday, 4th Aug at midnight. I'm going to make a decision as to whether I'll carry out this meet on Saturday morning based on the number of fully registered 13+ participants at that time. If I cancel, I'll refund all registrations. If I don't cancel, all registrations will be deemed final. Thank you.

Please share a link to this event with friends, family, even co-workers – EVERYONE is welcome!!

To stay informed about upcoming CoNav events, please join the CoNav Meetup group found at CoNavDEN or at CoNavCOS (duplicate sites, just different areas)

Come up to Manitou Experimental Forest on Saturday, 26th Aug for a very real orienteering experience! The property features the full range of vegetation (mostly very run-able forest) and lots of landforms to work with. As wild as it feels, it's only 9mi from Woodland park and has numerous camping and lodging options nearby (book in advance...).

**Special Offer: I want to encourage you to come to both the 19Aug Homestead Ranch event and this event. So, if you complete registration for both events (nonrefundable) by 23:00 on 16Aug, I will rebate 50% of your payment for the Homestead Ranch event.

Select from either the Begintermediate or Advanced tracks, each with a specially-designed combination of practice routes* on one map followed by a skills-appropriate standard course map. Controls will be shared between and within tracks. Starts open at 8am, starts close at 12:30am, courses close at 2pm. Rain or shine.

*Practice Routes, by the current plan, will include things like:
Map only: orient by reference to features (no compass)
Compass and pace: find controls using compass and pace counting only.
Line-O: Controls will be found along, but not mapped on, zig-zagging line (you must stay on the line to find the controls)
Corridor-O: Map completely whited-out but for a corridor of detail (probably 30m wide for Begint, 15m for Adv)

The two tracks are called "races" in EventReg, but there will be no actual races and no timing, scoring, etc. This event is just about fun, learning, and practice. **You must select the appropriate "package" for the fee to be calculated correctly.***

Please complete a separate registration (waiver and payment) for every single person in your group, regardless of age, relationship, etc.

$15 Early reg ends at 23:00 on 26Jul. $20 Regular reg ends at 23:00 on 16Aug, Late Reg $25. Online Reg will close at 6am on 19Aug (day-of). 12yo and younger accompanied by a fully registered and paid parent or legal guardian are free.

Important details:
- We will be based out of Sky High Ranch (a Girl Scout camp)
- There will be plenty of parking about 1km away from HQ and 10 participant vehicles will be permitted at the HQ site (Sawmill Camp). I will issue parking permits to the first 10 fully registered families/identifiable groups.

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