2024 Emery Park 3 course meet - Sunday, July 21 2024
2024 Emery Park 3 course meet
Emery Park, Shelter No. 7, south side of Emery Rd. This regular orienteering event is designed for all experience levels, and for walkers, runners, and family groups. Three courses will be available. The three courses: a short 1.8 kilometer (1.1 mile) "white" course for beginners, an intermediate 2.8 kilometer (1.7 mile) "Yellow" course, and a more difficult 4.8 kilometer (3 mile) "orange" course. The time limit is three hours. Online pre-registration is strongly encouraged and is the only way to guarantee we will have a map for you. (We will also print a few maps for “day-of” registrations.) The registration deadline is Thu, July 18 at 10:00 p.m. (Note: Each member of a group must register and sign the waiver. We recommend that a group leader complete the registration for all group members.) All individuals and groups are welcome. Contact the event director if your group is larger than 4 people. The fee to participate is $5 for members of any orienteering club or $10 for non-members. Juniors (20 and under) who are part of a BFLO family membership, participate for free, otherwise $5. Children (11 and under) participate for free but must be registered by their parent. Participants may check in at Shelter No. 7 and start at any time from 11 a.m. to noon. If this is your first time orienteering and you would like to attend a beginner’s briefing, there is a place to indicate that during the online registration process. We will contact you to make arrangements. Please contact the Event Director (Rod Cameron, 716-688-8332) if either of the following apply: 1. You have any questions whatsoever about the event. 2. Your group is larger than 4 people.

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