Paddle-Gaine and Foot-Gaine - May 4, 2024
Paddle-Gaine and Foot-Gaine
Please join us on May 4th at Long Hunter State Park for a Paddle-Gaine/Foot-Gaine!

Entry fee: $30 (no additional cost for team members)
Late entries (after 1 May): $40
E-punch rental: $2

Courses offered:
3hr - finish time of 11am
6hr - finish time of 2pm
*Mass start at 8am for both courses.

If you are coming as a group* please let us know.
*(JROTC/ROTC/Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Church/School)

Event will only be canceled for severe weather conditions; otherwise, no refunds will be issued within three days proceeding the event.

***see club website for more details including a detailed schedule and mandatory equipment***

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