Name Conf? Club TLake Class Start
Baker, Brian OLOU Red 10:00
Barnett, Aden OLOU Orange 10:59
Bird, William None Yellow 10:04
Bishop, Laurie OLOU Green 10:40
Blacklock, Brenda ICO Green 11:01
Bobay, Harley None Green 10:55
Carr, Ian OLOU Orange 10:39
Carr, Ted and Anne-Sophie OLOU Brown 10:42
Christy, Carl OLOU Brown 10:05
Clouse, Caden None Orange 10:19
Cross, Haley None Orange 10:23
Curley, Dan OLOU Yellow 10:24
Cusato, Brian OLOU Green 11:06
Cusato, Melissa OLOU Green 11:06
Deacon, Cameron None Orange 10:27
Doyle, Makenzie None Orange 10:23
Faller, David OLOU Red 10:18
Feaster, Justin OLOU Red 11:59
Flathers, Kylie None Yellow 10:04
Garcia, Les & Brodie Lynn OLOU Yellow 11:00
Gerstle, Chris OLOU Green 10:31
Gravatte, Steven OLOU Orange 10:13
Inman, Stacey None Yellow 10:10
Ludwig, Shannon OLOU Green 10:40
Mann, Hallie None Yellow 10:29
Martineau, Judith ICO Orange 11:11
Martineau, Thomas ICO Brown 11:09
Mattingly, Dan OBLUE Green 10:35
McCaffrey, Caoimhe None Yellow 10:04
McCaffrey, Conor None Yellow 10:14
McCaffrey, Michael None Yellow 10:14
McCaffrey, Paul None Yellow 10:14
McFarland, Cecil OBLUE Red 10:03
McKim, Diane OLOU Green 10:50
Michaels, Shawn None Orange 10:30
Minium, Michael OCIN Red 10:12
Minto, Rob ICO Red 11:02
Moore, Bruce OLOU Green 10:45
Parker, Laura None Red 10:06
Parker, Lonnie None Red 10:06
Patton, Reid OLOU Orange 10:36
Reynolds, Jeremy None Red 10:15
Rutkowski, Jason None Red 10:09
Sanders, Gavin None Orange 10:21
Sargent, Mathew OLOU Orange 10:43
Sherrick, Jonathan OLOU Orange 10:49
Sims, Katherine OLOU Orange 10:54
Smith, Aaron OLOU Red 10:22
Smith, Linda OLOU Brown 10:17
Smith, Louis OLOU Green 10:26
Smith, Louis OLOU Brown 10:28
Smith, Melissa OLOU Orange 11:04
Svobodny, Tom MVOC Red 11:50
THOMAS, JOHN None Green 10:20
Vanover, John None Orange 10:25
watson, joseph None Yellow 10:01
Whitfield, Kara None Orange 10:16
Men 40
Women 17
Adults 40
Juniors 17
Total 57
* Confirmed? indicates a confirmed entry. indicates no waiver. indicates an outstanding balance. indicates an unknown status.

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