Susquehanna Stumble at Hickory Run State Park
Registration will close at 11 pm on Friday October 1st, or earlier if we sell out.

The Susquehanna Stumble is a Billygoat-inspired mass start event with a couple of twists. While much of the course is normal point-to-point cross-country orienteering, there are also several windows where you can take the controls in any order.

Participants are welcome to compete individually or as a team, but everyone must register for the Stumble individually.

Standard White, Yellow and Orange (WYO) courses will also be offered, and group registrations will be accepted for these.

Schedule: 10:00am - check-in opens for Short and Long Stumble
10:45am - check-in closes for Short and Long Stumble
11:00am - mass start of Long
11:15am - mass start of Short
11:30am - check-in opens for WYO
11:45am - starts begin for WYO
1:00pm - check-in closes for WYO
1:15pm - starts close for WYO
2:15pm - end of Short (3 hour time limit)
4:00pm - end of Long (5 hour time limit), WYO courses close.

Long Stumble: $25 ($15 for juniors)
Short Stumble: $18 ($10 for juniors)
WYO: $7 for orienteering club members and juniors; $12 everyone else.

Awards: Commemorative hand towels (designed by Josie Whitmore) for the first 25 finishers and the first 5 female finishers of the Long Stumble, and first 30 finishers and first 10 female finishers of the Short Stumble.

There will be no water on the course, or at the start/finish, so please carry your own water with you. The Long Stumble will loop back though the start/finish area about half way through, so feel free to stash extra water near the start!

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