The Evans and Casey Jones Parks in Elizabeth are VERY special places to learn orienteering because they offer good examples of nearly every type of feature you'll in forest (and sprint) orienteering in a small, fenced-in, easily accessible location! This is a low-key, low-stress opportunity to learn and practice basic orienteering skills. It is designed for beginning and intermediate orienteers, but participants of all levels are welcome. Please separately register each and every participant, regardless of age or relationship. There will be three self-guided courses within this event. I'll provide you with comprehensive, yet brief, instructional materials for you to read. I recommend that you complete the courses in this order: 1. A map-only, no compass course to help you focus on relating what is on the map to what you see around you and orienting your map accordingly 2. An intensive compass-and-pace counting exercise to get you very comfortable with precision compass work. 3. An Orange (intermediate) course so that you can put it all together! Children 12 and younger accompanied by a fully registered parent/legal guardian are FREE, but each still must have a waiver signed by their Parent or Legal Guardian. - For each registration in your family/group aged 13 or older, click the "Select this Package" button for the "08Apr Elizabeth Parks Begintermediate, 13 and up" package. Select "Competing/Participating*" or "Not Competing" for each course that you/the participant plans to do*. - For each registration in your family/group aged 12 or younger, click the "Select this Package" button for the "08Apr Elizabeth Parks Begintermediate, 12 and younger" package. Select "Competing/Participating" or "Not Competing" for each course that the participant plans to do*. ***Do not click the "Continue Without Package" button.*** Pls disregard the "Additional races can be added at their normal fee." message. *Don't be too bothered with the terms 'competing' and 'race' - this event is really about having some orienteering fun. I will print maps and materials based on how many participants have registered as "Competing/Participating" for each course, plus a few extras. Every participant must have their own, separate registration and waiver. Early reg closed on 25Feb. $20 Regular reg thru 06Apr 8pm, $25 thereafter. Online reg will close at 8pm on 07Apr. Parking and HQ details will be emailed to registrants the evening before the meet.

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